Faerie spells

Gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and the potential to get your hands on some seriously big bucks – there are a lot of positives to talk about with the Faerie Spells slot. Allow yourself to be transported to an enchanted realm with this immersive game and take the chance to win some major prizes in stunning surroundings!

Why have a go at Faerie Spells?

One of the major aspects helping Faerie Spells stand out in a crowded market is its high-quality graphics and finish. Mystical music surrounds you with every spin, helping to craft a multi-sensory environment which is truly immersive, and the high quality, super detailed 3D graphics are just what you need to lose yourself in the faerie realm – this certainly ranks as one of the most detailed, aesthetically pleasing slots on the market.

The Faerie Spells slot features a traditional five-reel, three-row grid, like many classic set-ups. This offers customers the opportunity for ten potential pay-lines on every spin – a generous offering! To win, players will need to match three or more symbols along a single pay line, and this helps the cash to start rolling in.

The extras in Faerie Spells Slots

As well as basic gameplay, the slot also features a Wild symbol, in keeping with many similar games. This comes in the form of an enchanted Tree Face, and when it appears, it can stand in for any symbol, except for the Faerie Queen, offering even more chances to win. The appearance of this symbol also boosts your potential prizes; matching three allows you to multiply your bet by five times, while the appearance and matching of five means you can multiply your initial bet by 100, leading to some seriously lucrative games.

In addition to the Wild card, there are a host of extras which can transform your fortunes. The Diamond symbol is an important consideration; this also allows you to multiply your bets and winning, depending on the symbols which surround it and the number of times it appears. The Faerie Queen is also a key player – her appearance has the power to grant you free spins, and this could be just the chance you need for a major prize! If she appears on the same spin as the Magic Toadstool, you are also in luck, as this combination offers the chance to get your hands on some major cash bonuses – a definite advantage for any player!

Jackpots are also an important element of the game, and there are four on offer: Wealth, Riches, Plenty and Luxury. When these are matched, you open the door to some lucrative profits.

With plenty of chances to win, access to some very impressive jackpots, and an RTP of 91%, Faerie Spells is a stunning, exciting slot game which has the potential to help you on your way to riches! Head over today, and lose yourself in a magical world, where the sky really is the limit.

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