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Online sports betting in Brazil

Sports betting in Brazil is soon going to become legal, after Congress voted for a law change that would allow all sports betting, both online and offline, to be regulated.

With the gambling laws in Brazil due to become more relaxed, more and more sports betting sites are looking to capitalise on the massive Brazilian market. But why is this good news for Brazilian sports lovers? On what sports can you bet?

Growth of online sports betting

Betting on sports used to have many limitations. In a football match, for example, it was a simple case of selecting the outcome of the match (win, lose or draw) and placing your wager, or stake, on your selection.

However, with the growth of the internet and online sports betting over the last 20 years, it’s now possible for a single sporting event to have hundreds of different markets on which punters can bet. Sites like now offer thousands of markets across an array of sports to bring customers the best online betting experience.

This means there are now more ways to win than ever before and, if you’re a keen follower of sports and love your statistics, then that’s great news for you!

What sports can you bet on?

The list below is not exhaustive as that would be too long, but here are just some of the main sports that you can bet on with any number of sports betting sites.


The world’s number one sport has continued to go from strength to strength over the last 20 years, and its association with betting sites is no doubt a contributing factor to its immense popularity.

Thanks to online sports betting sites like, it is now possible to bet on football matches anywhere in the world, at any time. From the glitz and glamour of the UEFA Champions League to under-23s and academy team matches from around the globe, you can bet on them all online.

Horse racing

Horse racing is hugely popular not only in Europe but in South America, too. With most online bookmakers, you can now get Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) on horse racing – meaning if you take a price on a horse before the race and it goes off at a higher price, you get the higher price if your bet wins.


Mixed Martial Arts is a popular sport in Brazil thanks to some of the sport’s greats, such as Jose Aldo and Anderson Silva, hailing from the country. Online sports betting sites give you the option to back your favourite fighter to win or, if you’re feeling extra confident, you can even bet on the method of victory, e.g. by knockout, TKO or unanimous decision.


Basketball widely regarded as the third most popular sport in Brazil, with its achievements in the sport stretching as far back as the 1948 Olympic Games, where Brazil won a bronze medal. Nowadays, more and more Brazilian players are going to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and European leagues, resulting in a growing appetite for betting on the sport online.

Sports betting sites, such as, allow punters to bet on any of the major basketball leagues from around the world, even in-play. With the number of markets available to bet on constantly growing, basketball fans have the opportunity to profit greatly from their love of the sport.

Plenty of choices

As stated, we cannot list every single sport that is available to bet on online, because there’s too many! But with the development of online sports betting and the numbers of markets available, you can rest assured that if there’s a sporting event taking place somewhere in the world, you can have a bet on it.

So, who should you bet online with?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. One thing is for certain; there is no shortage of online sports betting sites from which to choose. Our advice is to check online betting reviews to help you decide which site will provide the best experience for your online sports betting needs.

Top tip – make sure to browse the welcome offers of online betting sites and score yourself some free bets when signing up!