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When it comes to choosing an online casino, there are a host of considerations that could sway you to one site over another. These include things like a new library packed with the best games and latest titles, dedication to excellent customer service and user interaction, and, of course, offering a range of competitive, lucrative promotions and bonuses to enjoy. The latter can have a real impact on the customer-casino relationship, and online casino bonuses can potentially net you the big bucks.

What are online bonuses?

As the name suggests, online casino bonus offers are exclusive deals offered by the site, which can help players increase their chances of a win, and help their cash go further. The most common example is a welcome deal offered at sign up, and this can take a variety of forms. In many ways, the welcome deal is the most crucial element of any promotional scheme; it is often the first contact many players will have with the site, and so can be an incentive to stick around and play long-term, or drift off to a more tempting deal. For this reason, many sites will offer free deals and put a lot of effort into securing the interest of new sign-ups. Loyalty schemes also tend to offer exclusive bonuses, and a particular casino may run promotions for holidays or significant events.

Types of bonus

There is a range of types of online casino promotions and the most common include:

Match bonus

This bonus is a super common form of a promotional offer, and casinos will usually include this as part of a welcome bonus or sign-up offer. The player will start by making a deposit – often with a minimum of R$10 – and the casino will then match this to a certain percentage. Most sites will offer a 100% match, allowing customers to double their deposit free of charge essentially; if you put down £10, you will have this matched by the same amount, leaving you with a R$20 initial deposit. Some casinos will go further, offering 200%, 400%, and even 500% match bonuses, with some exceeding this level. Most of these deals cap at a certain amount, for example, R$100, meaning that the deposit match will not apply over this amount. Despite restrictions, this is a brilliant deal for those just starting at a site and helps you to build your account balance to enjoy and explore the range of games on offer.

Free spins

Slots are the biggest draw for most online casinos, and so it makes sense that a lot of effort and energy will go into their promotion. Some casinos achieve this by offering a certain amount of free spins, and these can be very lucrative. There are two main types of a deal: deposit and no deposit, and the titles on offer may be pre-selected or, rarely, spread across the site. Deposit free spins will be active after placing an initial deposit, usually a minimum of R$10. In contrast, no deposit deals will be allocated to the account as soon as you have completed the sign-up process. As you can imagine, these offers are highly sought after, but rare.

No deposit bonus

Often considered the holy grail of casino bonuses, the no deposit deal is one for which to watch out. This deal does exactly what it says on the tin: once you have signed up for a site, your account will be automatically credited with a predetermined cash bonus, allowing you to play without having to spend a single penny of your own money. These bonuses are often lower than other deals – the freebie can have restrictions of R$10 or R$20 – but it is essential to remember that everything you win is pure profit, due to the lack of initial deposit. This bonus makes these deals super appealing but hard to find – you may have to keep checking in with the site to avoid the risk of missing out.

Refer a friend bonus

Some casinos will reward you for signing up new members using a referral code. Once your friend has signed up with this and made a deposit, you may be rewarded with free spins or a cash bonus as a thank you from the site.